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MegaCon 2013

March 18, 2013|  Article By :   | 

MegaCon, short for Mega Convention is a large multi-genre convention that caters to the comic book, sci-fi, anime, fantasy and gaming communities, occuring between late February and early March at the Orange convention centre in Orlando, Florida.For three days over the weekend it is quite a spectacular place. For those of you with little ones or want to advertise it it is well worth the visit. Not only do you find Batman, Superman, Capt Jack Sparrow, Green Lantern, Power Rangers, Joker, Star Wars and Wolverene characters (to name but a few) but actual actors from all these films and shows. Lou Ferringo- Hulk was there and talking to you, pictures with the characters but it is one of the biggest shows they do in USA and the public all dress up and go there too. Side stalls sell props from shows as well as costumes and its a good five hours of fun.

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