Theme Parks

Click to visit the Magic Kingdom website

The Magic Kingdom, the park that started it all off!
No introduction needed really, a must see for any
Florida visitor! The quality of this park set the
standards for the rest to follow.

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The Epcot center was Disney’s second major theme
park in Florida. This park is split into two half’s,
the first half contains futuristic rides based on
a technology theme. The second half is called World
showcase and consists of area’s representing different
countries around the World.

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MGM Studios is Disney’s film related theme park.
Everything is here from real live TV show recordings,
behind the scenes tours and of-course famous film
related shows and rides.

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This is one of Disney’s newest theme parks adding yet
more fantastic entertainment to the sunshine state.
This park if you hadn’t already guessed is based
on a zoo theme. Completed to the highest standard
you come to expect from all the Florida parks now,
not just the Disney ones.

Click to visit the Universal Studios website

Universal Studios is a fantastic park largely based
around the film entertainment industry. There are
many great rides like Back to the Future, The Terminator,
Jaws to name built a few. Massive expansion of the
Universal surrounding area started in 1998. This
huge development has produced the theme park called
Islands of Adventure and the night time entertainment
center City Walk.

Click to visit Island Of Adventure website

Islands of Adventure is the second major park attraction
added to the Orlando area by Universal. This park
has a few more thrill rides like Storm Force in
Marvel Super Hero Island and The Flying Unicorn
in The Lost Continent. Now that Universal has more
than one park, multiple day Escape Passes are available
to use from park to park much like Disney’s Hopper

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SeaWorld is another of Florida’s main attraction
theme parks. Incredible shows involving humans and
the great creatures of the sea. Thrilling drama’s
portrayed involving water skiing and power boats.

Click to visit Bush Gardens website

you want rollercoasters? Then this is the park for
you! Busch Gardens is a little further to travel
to but well worth the trip. Most of the other theme
parks in the Orlando area contain family orientated
rides with a couple of thrill seeking rides to satisfy
everyone. Busch Gardens caters more for the thrilling
rides and has some great rollercoasters and water
rides centered around a pretty impressive safari
park. Oh and I mustn’t forget to mention the brewery!
Yes the famous Budweiser and other brands are made
here, you can see the process via a tour and then
taste the goods for free! (as long as your over

Click to visit Cypress Gardens

Gardens Adventure Park, Florida’s first theme
park, blends it’s storied past with sensational
new thrills. Discover 38 exciting rides, including
four roller coasters and the world’s tallest
spinning rapids ride. Enjoy all-star concerts, spectacular
daily shows and a craftsmen’s village. Revisit
the historic gardens, beautiful belles and the world-famous
water ski shows.